Vehicle Storage in Beaumont, CA

Welcome to StorWise Self Storage – Beaumont. Our convenient facility is located at 525 Xenia Ave, Beaumont, CA 92223. Whether you need easy access from the highway or want unbeatable rates, you will be able to reach your vehicle storage unit in a matter of minutes.We offer a variety of large parking spaces for grown-up toys and nearly any type of vehicle (indoors or outdoors). Learn more about some of our options below.

Car Storage There are many tips to make sure that your car is back in shape after an auto storage experience. However, none comes close to the advice of storing your vehicle in an indoor unit. You want to keep your car away from moisture and protect it from the heat of the Beaumont, CA summer. A solution that resembles a garage, but has all the security of a storage facility is sure to be a great solution! (Nice and cool when it’s hot outside, and warm when it’s cold outside.)

RV Storage The most important thing to do before leaving for your next road trip is to make sure that your RV is in good condition to tackle any adventures you have planned. Whether you will be gone for a month or just a week, our vehicle parking spots offer everything you need to keep your trailer always safe. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information about our RV storage spaces.

Boat Storage Boats can be especially susceptible to the elements, so feel free to store with us long-term if you’re concerned about the California weather. Instead of storing your boat at home during the long, cold winters of Beaumont, you can easily rent one of our indoor vehicle storage units to make sure that your boat is totally sea (and lake) worthy when you want to retrieve it.

We have parking spots to fit all your needs – uncovered, covered, and inside. If you need help finding the right space for your vehicle or have a few questions before getting started, contact us at the office. We can answer the phone from Monday to Saturday!