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StorWise Self Storage - Dona Ana

5540 Vanegas Dr, Las Cruces, NM 88007
Current Customers: 575.541.9151

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5 Stars - 11 Reviews
Thank you
November 28, 2021
My family has suffered alot lately and we are blessed to not only have a funny caring manager but gained a beautiful friend now. Rachell gave us her personal turkey for my family. Evertimr we go to storage she always comes and said hi and gave my kids a candy or makes them to laugh. She asked if we ready for the thanksgiving and I told her we could not buy cause no money and she said to wait and came back with the whole donner stuff. We couldn't have it without Rachel. Yesterday I find out my mama dying. We know that God ready. But we had a last day to show our mom how much we thanked her and were blessed for her and to say we had a closing but thankful day and got our last full turkey dinner with our mother. You have a good heart and a funny one too.. We actually get our kids to want to come wotk at our storage just to see you ha ha. We can't even make them throw out the trash. Ha ha. Me and my husband still do not believe when you said you had 3. Because you did the drawing to the renters for a free turky and then you gave us one and we know it is you and your son there only. I hope someone taken you a plate. God bless you and your work.
She makes our day
Y. Marquez and Family
November 24, 2021
Thank you to the owners of Storwise storages. Your manager at the Dona Ana location is not only amazing but she loves her tenants. I was there a while ago and Rachel runs out with turkey fun ears and gives us a cute little gift. She brightens our day. She always comes to the door and says "hi and thank you for choosing us" even if we were just there. You don't see the thank you from businesses anymore. She is not just a manager in our eyes, she should be like a trainer and a idea person. She is fun and always comes to tenants units to say hi, do we need help, is everything going okay and more so, she will ask us, if there are any suggestions or things "she" can improve on, she listens. I am sure she could be an asset to a higher paying position, but you can tell she loves her job literally and enjoys it.But she is very thorough and enforces the rules in a professional but friendly manner and explains it all and why. Thank you owners, hope you all know you guys have a good one here. She is our funny happy caring manager!
Cannot express the thanks enough!
November 19, 2021
Dear Raychel. Thank yoiu for your note and phone call about our storage unit. Our unit has many things that are of priceless value to me. I wish for you and your family all peace and joy for the holdiay. When I first spoke with you, I remember you called us to introduce yourself, told us about Storwise Storage stands for, you are definetly shining that through. You made sure you reached us, went through hoops to locate us, video chatted on your personal cell phone device showing us you opening our unit with video consent, we were happily shocked regarding your honesty and loyalty. We had alot of issues with past company and manager and always found our unit just forgotten. But you told us that first day "Storwise cares about our tenants and that all your customer's possessions would be secured to the best of Storwise ability" and you even parked your personal vehicle in front to secure it until we arrived. You definelty stand behind your employer and that is hard to come by these days. What was more impressive was it was late at night, you stayed up and waited for us off the clock. You are truly a asset and you have shown it is not about being on the clock, but about your company is. May you and your family be blessed and we highly recommend Storwise in every state your company is in. I can sleep at night and not always worry about my unit like use to have to. Thank you again. By the way, your voice is amazing on the phone. Your care about your job shines through. Hope you don't mind I call once in awhile just to chuckle because you always know how to make me smile and laugh. -G. Lofland
I cannot express Customer Service more!
Jessica Chavez
November 11, 2021
Hi. We came to StorWise Storage in Dona Ana NM despertatley needing a storage. My parents and sibling are deaf. Raychel literally learned sign language from You Tube enough to communicate with my parents so when they came in to pay, it was not difficult for them. This brought my mom to tears because they were thrown out and have been struggling and for someone to take personal time to do something like this is above an expectations. She is also so funny. She always comes to the door when we come to key in code and will wave at us. She does it everytime. Raychel, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't have to miss work anymore because you have done something beyond Customer Service. God bless you sweety and thank you for what you do for my parents every month. This is what it is all about. Thank you to your boss for selecting not only a great worker but someone who loves what they do, has people outgoing personality but the love for another,,,,even strangers with invisible disabilities.
The best management ever!
Dee A.
November 4, 2021
I would like to thank Storwise owner and manager for having such great customer service. I had been renting at another facilty and due to mistreatment and cleaniness, I was in tears searching for another location. This manager at Dona Ana location, Rachel went beyond and got me a unit. Her facility is clean, warming, kind, she definetly needs a cart that would help with customer with disabilties like me but she used her vehicle, showed me not only the unit but the whole site, showed why it was the best, went over everything BEFORE I signed to make sure it was a fit which showed me it was not about the quantity of her rentals but she showed Quality which is should be about. Now I know why this facility is full. You don't find this type of service anymore but I am happy to leave a unsatisfactory storage facility for one that cares, goes above and beyond and says "StorWise will make sure you have what you need" and she did. Now I am a customer for life! She turned my tears into a smile and less stressed single mom. Maybe we should all chip in for a cart for her..:) Thank you Rachel for making me feel like a person with needs, not just another renter. -Dee
Thank You!
October 28, 2021
Hi. I need to express thanks and graditude to the manager, Rachel at the Dona Ana NM location. My grandparents live a hour away and have all their belongings stored, very elderly. I live 5 hours away. Rachel called them and myself to let us know their was an issue with our unit. Being 5 hours away, I was so worried. My grandparents broke down on the way. Rachel went in her vehicle, her time, drove an hour to change the tire for my grandparents AND picked up key and my grandparents said it was cold, Videoed with us to ensure on her behalf that she fixed the problem AND drove the key back to them!! PLUS she gave her sweater to my grandmother who was cold. Who else would have done that? No one. She is amazing. I cried. I hope your employer knows the dedication you have for their business and dedication to help. My grandparents could not have been okay if she didn't help. We have no family close but 5 hours away. Rachel, you are a good hearted individual and myself and grandparents will forever be grateful. You are one in a million. I will definitely visit you on my trip down there and thank you in person. God bless you Rachel and I highly recommend StorWise Storage to anyone in need of storage services. If these are employees they have, they are all we need!
Absolutely the nicest Customer Service
G. Lofland
October 21, 2021
Dear Raychel, Thank you for being such a good person about the storage. I wish you great success and will. You have been so amazing and I hope you are much appreciated and credited for all you do!
Highly recommend this facilty!!
G. Johnson
October 18, 2021
This is one of the best storage facilities I have rented at. The security is great and was recently made better. The site is always clean considering in middle of desert. The manager on site is the sweetest. She is caring and fair. She does her job and enforces rules that ALL customers know managers do not make the rules, they just enforce them. She is always helping others. I always see her assisting elders, saying high to every person who enters, she sees you struggle, she will ask if you need help. We feel bad for her though because she does not have a golf cart so she is always carring alot of tools and garbage cans with her. Wish her Corporate office would get her one. But she is great! She stays in touch. She works with you if you are struggling. She is not just a manager, she is a caring hearted, selfless individual and it is hard to find these type of workers now a days. Mr. StorWise, hope you read this, this young lady cares about your company and her job! Reward her with a golf cart :) She is great and sometimes we just come to our unit to see her. She is so positive and always happy. Thank you StorWise and thank you Rachel. You can't please every single person but this lady sure does! Great job Ms. Rachel.
Worst customer service and poor organization in payment processing.
Jessica Garrick
October 12, 2021
Dropped a payment off- took month and a half to clear! Next payment cleared promptly. Next month dropped payment in drop box day before "late" day- apparently lost the payment! Charging a late fee and added insurance event though proof was sent previously, but renewal wasn't sent to them. Like my mortgage company would let me not have homeowners insurance. Lost a customer and they do not give a damn.
Absolutely the nicest Customer Service
Gourney Lofland
August 24, 2021
Rachel, Thank you for being so dam nice. I wish you well in your business. I've had a unit, sometimes 3 units since your first units were built. You are for sure the nicest person to work the units ever. Thank you` Gurney Lofland 7/17/2021
Great Management and location
August 17, 2021
This place since new ownership is great! The manager is super friendly, goes above and beyond and the site is always clean, the grass looks great, and most of all I cannot this young lady, Raychel has done three times more work than the old manager who just sat in office when he was there, always drinking, smoking and site looked bad. This manager is what this facility needed. In the two months of new ownership, more lights, security cameras, she had the fence fixed and everyday it is clean. Great job! No wonder she is 100% occupied.
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