January 16th, 2023

Your car, those boxes, and whatever else you have in your garage could be losing you $1,000 per month or more!  New laws have allowed utilizing renovated garage space as a rental unit. What would you do with that kind of monthly income? This new wave of real estate development/passive income property is sweeping the nation. It is time to get on board.“

But what do I do with my Christmas Decorations, old photo albums, those skis and that bicycle”! EASY! STORE IT! Small to large storage units are the best way to easily store items in a safe and climate-controlled environment. For a tiny fraction of the profit, you will receive from renting out your garage space; a storage unit is the best and easiest solution.

Look into your local laws and HOA and see if this is a potential money-making fix for your financial challenges. As the economy changes the best thing to do is diversify and a renovated garage rental is a great way! Do a little research and give a call to the local storage management to see how easy it is.

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