December 14th, 2022

We understand that each year gets more and more difficult to find hidden places to store your holiday gifts.

Whether you are trying to outsmart the cleverest detective of your loved ones or just have run out of ideas to keep the holiday magic alive we may have the solution for you.

In a Garage/Shed
A garage or shed is the perfect place to hide larger gifts that can’t easily be concealed. Just remember if you place gifts in the common areas to put them in plain boxes. Labeling plain boxes incorrectly can also help conceal gifts.

Most loved ones will not make the trek up to the attic to look for Christmas gifts. Attics are the perfect place as t come along with the reputation of being spooky. The same that applies to garages with inconspicuous plain boxes applies to attics

The trunk of your car
The truck of your car is the perfect place to hide small gifts from prying eyes. Your car will always be with you so you will not have to worry about someone finding them when you are not around.

In an RV or Boat
If you have a small RV or boat in your drive way is normally just sits there in the winder months. Most will not venture outside in the colder months to lor gifts. Remember if you are choosing this option, it is best to avoid storing food items to protect from critters.

A Storage Unit
Sometimes storing your gifts away from the home is the best option. A storage unit is the perfect place to collect, store and wrap all of your gifts in one place that only you have access too. Since Self-Storage is month to month it is the perfect short-term solution. If your storage unit is heated or climate controlled, it is even better. The added bonus to getting a storage unit to hide your gifts is you will now have a place to store all of your decorations once the holiday season is over.

To find the perfect hiding spot check out our locations near you. You can reserve a unit hassle free today!

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